To train specialists who are able to participate in managing decision-making processes that take into account the complexity of the global environment and regional specifics.

Educational purposes

Development of the student’s skills of systematic research, collection, structuring, critical analysis and fusion of the necessary information, the application of a systematic approach to solving the assigned tasks

Development of the ability to establish and maintain relationships in the social and professional sphere

Effective teamwork, organization of project execution, including in a cross-cultural environment

Expected learning outcomes

Organizational and management activities

Planning the activities of the organization and departments

Organization of the work of performers (teams of performers) for the implementation of specific projects, activities, works

Control over the activities of departments, teams (groups) of employees

Participation in the settlement of organizational conflicts at the level of the unit and the working team (group)

Collection, processing and analysis of information about the factors of the external and internal environment of the organization for making management decisions

Career opportunities

After completing your Business Management degree, you can look forward to career opportunities in the following areas:  Human Resources, Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, Public Sector Management, Advertising Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Contract Management.

Management College

Form of study


Term period

3 year




Russian, English

Tuition Fee