Entrance Exams

There are entrance examinations in English to determine the level of knowledge of the applicant. This is done to assist the student in raising their level of English. Because in the future, most of the subjects will be taught in English.

One-year university preparatory program(UPP) is provided before regular admission to the university and college program for those who need to improve English proficiency for English lecture comprehension .

How to apply

Application documents are accepted at the main campus, Ivanovka as well as  in our Bishkek office at Ibraimov 115/4(3rd floor room 14). An interview with the applicant is conducted here, as well as the necessary consultation. Entrance tests are also held here and at the main campus.

At the moment, documents are also submitted in electronic format. The applicant must visit the website 2022.edu.gov.kg and register. Then go through the stage of admission by providing all the necessary documents. All necessary instructions are also presented on the website.


2022-2023 College registration date

1st round : start 12.07.2022 – end 18.07.2022
2nd round : start 27.07.2022 – end 03.08.2022
3rd round : start 12.08.2022 – end 19.08.2022

2022-2023 Bachelor registration date

1st round : start 18.07.2022 – end 20.07.2022
2nd round : start 25.07.2022 – end 27.07.2022
3rd round : start 01.08.2022 – end 03.08.2022
4th round : start 08.08.2022 – end 10.08.2022
5th round : start 15.08.2022 – end 17.08.2022

Selection committee contacts

+996 700 600 991 , +996 770 600 991, or +996 551 660 991

Documents Submission