Keiin International Institute

We educate the future leaders.

About Keiin

KEIIN in Chinese means  “opening the dawn”. This is how the institute was named by its founder, Dr. Paul K. Synn, with the goal of “opening the dawn” for the country by providing quality education to future young leaders who can build their future and develop their environment.

Keiin Goes with You

KEIIN is a place with its own special atmosphere. Here you will find a circle with a variety of views and cultures

English Language

Training is conducted in English (college from the 2nd year) Teachers from abroad are invited

Modern In-campus Housing

For students coming from outside of Ivanovka regions or distant places, Room and board is provided with a modern apartment type dormitory at a reasonable price.

Computer Lab

The university has a modern computer lab and classrooms, as well as online facilities with internet access

International Programs

Bachelor's students have the opportunity to take advantage of exchange programs and study at the universities in the USA and Korea.

Fresh Air

The university is located away from the bustle of the city, which allows students to experience the better atmosphere of Keiin.


There is a library with a reasonable selection of books, including computers, business, literatures, languages, management, accounting and more. Students can use print materials at their own expenses in the library.



(3 year Program)

To train specialists who are able to participate in managing decision-making processes that take into account the complexity of the global environment and regional specifics.

Information Technology Specialty

(3 year Program )

IT specialty training program enables student to successfully solve practical  and technical issues in the field of software production for information and computing systems.


(3 year Program )

The Tourism program allows students to receive fundamental training in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, modern , eco-tourism, foreign languages and tour organization and provisions for tour operator, travel agency and excursion services.


Korean Language

(3 year Program )

“Preparing experts in essential literary and linguistic principles, proficient in methodologies and strategies for handling, examining, and deciphering diverse Korean textual materials.



(4 year Program )

Management program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide-range of aspects related to business operations. The program’s core curriculum typically covers topics, such as accounting, marketing, finance, and more. 

Computer Science and Engineering

(4 year Program )

The computer science and engineering program offers a successful opportunity  to students who want to develop their career in the area of computer software and hardware for information technology and intelligent computing system.


Korean Language

(4 year Program )

Training of a specialist in the field of basic literary and linguistic categories, who owns the methods and techniques of processing, analysis and interpretation of different types of text in Korean.

Why Study Here

Be a future leader of your life!

We provide quality education while improving your level of English. We try to give all the possibilities for your training. We strive to build abilities that will pave the way in your life.