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Keiin International Institute

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Training is conducted in English (college from the 2nd year) Teachers from abroad are invited

International programs

Bachelor’s students have the opportunity to take exchange programs and visit universities in the USA and Korea

Modern dormitory

For students from regions or distant places, a comfortable apartment-type dormitory was built

Fresh air

The institute is located away from the bustle of the city, which allows students to better experience the atmosphere of Keiin

Computer lab

The campus has a modern computer lab and classrooms, as well as an online classrooom with internet access


There is a library with a wide selection of books, computers and everything you need for printing

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KEIIN is a place with its own special atmosphere. Here you will find a circle with a variety of views and cultures

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Find out all the information about admission to our institute. Here you can get information on the dates of admission, required documents, and so on.

About us

KEIIN in Chinese it means “opens the dawn”. This is how the institute was named by its founder, Dr. Paul K. Sinn, with the goal of “opening the dawn” for the country by providing quality education to future young leaders who can build their future and develop their environment.

Located on Ivanovka

The Institute is located on the territory of Ivanovka Station

University Campus

Campus with all conditions

For a list of vacancies, see on the website employment.kg

Why Study Here


Be the leader of your life!

We provide quality education while improving your level of English. We try to give all the possibilities for your training. We strive to build abilities that will pave the way in your life.

What Our Students say

University Open Days

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