Keiin is International University located in Stantsiya Ivanovka in Chui Province to offer  Kyrgyz Republic accredited degrees in 3 program in Bachelor and 3 specialized training program in College.

College Program

The college program allows you to gain knowledge of your chosen profession after graduating from high school. In three years of study, go through the grade 10-11 programs, improve your level of English, and also master the skills for further education or job search. At the end of the training, a state diploma of the Kyrgyz Republic and a certificate of the International Keiin Institute will be issued.
Programs: Business Management, Information Technology, Tourism.

University Preparatory Program

STEP (бывшая UPP – Программа подготовки к университету) предназначена для студентов, которые хотят быстро улучшить свой английский язык за год. Эта программа предоставляется для помощи студентам в изучении колледжей или университетских курсов на английском языке для обычной программы колледжа и/или университета.

Bachelor Program

On April 11, 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic issued a license giving the right to engage in higher educational university activities

You can master your desired profession, gain practical experiences, develop skills. At the end of successful course completion, a diploma of higher education of the Kyrgyz Republic is issued.

Programs: Management, Computer Science and Engineering, Philology.