About Us


Training of competitive, moral specialists in accordance with international educational standards, in demand in the labor market and capable of solving problems through the innovative development of the Chui region.

Institute History

In 2009, buildings were acquired in Ivanovka village in Kyrgyzstan that became the main campus. Since 2012, a general education program has been launched in English. Furthermore, in 2015 received a three-year college license. In the period from 2015 to 2017, memorandums of cooperation were signed with a number of universities in the United States and the Republic of Korea. Finally, in 2017, a license that gives the right to engage with bachelor program was obtained.

KEIIN in Chinese it means “opens the dawn”. This is how the institute was named by its founder, Dr. Paul K. Sinn, with the goal of “opening the dawn” for the country by providing quality education to future young leaders who can build their future and develop their environment.

In 2016, our first college graduation took place. By 2021, this is already the sixth graduation of students.

Also in 2021, our first graduation of undergraduate students took place. Two of them received grants to study further in Korea.

Redefining Education Since

30 November, 2012

University Founder

Paul K Synn

Why Ivanovka?

This location was not chosen by chance. The first thing that impressed the founder of the institute in Kyrgyzstan was the picturesque and vibrant nature. Also, there could be no less bright people, their cordiality and hospitality. The Institute is located in a place with picturesque views of the mountains. And the desire to educate not only those who can afford it develops the desire to assist in the development of Ivanovka's youth.

Campus infrastructure

The Keiin International Institute campus provides comfortable living conditions for students.

The campus includes xx xxx square meters of classroom stock, a library with teaching aids, material on various topics, an assembly hall, computer rooms and a laboratory with Internet access.

In addition, a modern apartment-type dormitory with all living conditions (hot and cold water, a bathroom, heating) is available for students and meals are provided in the dining room. For those living in a hostel, three meals a day are included in the cost of payment. Wi-Fi access is provided on the territory of the campus and the dormitory.


International programs

International academic programs allow the student to master new practical skills, broaden his horizons, apply knowledge of languages in business, and also get acquainted with a new culture for himself.

Currently, Keiin collaborates with the following universities in the United States and the Republic of Korea:

University of Missouri, USA.
CookMing University, Seoul, Korea.
National University of Incheon, Korea.
Kosin University, Korea.
Shinhan National University, Korea.