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(080 501)

(3 year Program )

To train specialists who are able to participate in managing decision-making processes that take into account the complexity of the global environment and regional specifics.

(230 109)
Information Technology

(3 year Program)

Training of specialists capable of successfully solving theoretical and practical problems in the field of software production for information and computing systems for various purposes.

(100 501)

(3 year Program)

The Tourism program allows students to receive fundamental training in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, modern , eco-tourism, foreign languages and tour organization and provisions for tour operator, travel agency and excursion services.


(580 200)

(4 year Program)

Management program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of a wide-range of aspects related to business operations. The program’s core curriculum typically covers topics, such as accounting, marketing, finance, and more. 

(710 100)
Computer Science and Engineering

(4 year Program)

The computer science and engineering program offers a successful opportunity  to students who want to develop their career in the area of computer software and hardware for information technology and intelligent computing system.

(531 000)

(4 year Program)

Training of a specialist in the field of basic literary and linguistic categories, who owns the methods and techniques of processing, analysis and interpretation of different types of text in English.



(1 year )

 STEP- (University Preparatory Program) is a special program that is designed for students who have a low level of English. This course lasts 1 year. During this year, a student can significantly improve his level of English. Teachers who arrived from such countries as America, Korea, England, Germany will help him in this. This course will improve: Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Listening and even leadership. Teachers talk to students in English, so the student develops a good and most importantly correct pronunciation.

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