Training of qualified personnel, taking into account the needs of the professional community, who own the technologies of organizing and providing tour operator, travel agency and excursion services, possessing a set of competencies for analytical and practical activities in the field of tourism, capable of seeking the best positions in the tourism business, national and regional travel agencies and ready for modern challenges in the field of tourism.

Educational purposes

Development of the student’s skills of systematic search, collection, structuring, critical analysis and synthesis of the necessary information, the application of a systematic approach to solving the assigned tasks

Development of the ability to establish and maintain relationships in the social and professional sphere

Development of the ability to carry out the basic functions of tourism management

Expected learning outcomes

Application of technological innovations and modern software in the tourism sector

Carrying out research on the tourism market, organizing sales and promoting tourism products

Application of theoretical foundations and research tools (methods) of cultures, museums, national heritage and geographical knowledge in the study of modern culture and objects of cultural and natural heritage

Application of applied research methods in tourism

Implementation of the main functions of management of structural divisions of enterprises of tour operators and enterprises of excursion activities

Career opportunities

After receiving your Tourism Diploma, you can look forward to career opportunities in the following areas: culture, art (in the field of excursion activities); Service, provision of services to the population (in the areas of: provision of tourist, excursion services to the population and other services necessary for the organization and implementation of travel; formation, promotion and sale of a tourist product; activities of tourist infrastructure and tourist services; design in tourism); field of applied research

Tourism College

Form of study


Term period

3 year


Specialist of tourism


Russian, English

Tuition Fee